letter to my 19 year old shy and introverted self

hey lovely

so you have a crush? Lol and it’s killing you from the inside out. I mean, what’s the difference between this guy and every other weirdo you’ve fallen in lust with? I know it sucks babe. It sucks the fricking air out your lungs. And I know you tried so hard not to let this guy get to you. Cause he was one of the ones you always kind of thought was cute. but who cares about cute? There are worlds to be seen.

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im not apologising for being a feminist

i feel like i just need to get these thoughts out of my head… which have been quite dormant until i was trying to find beyonces vma performance anywhere and only came to articles and news videos. i generally dont like to read youtube comments, or any kind of commentary when it comes to a few of my favourite artists in the music industry (because, well… have a look for yourself)…(most notably beyonce, rihanna and nicki minaj- i hold these ladies in high respect because theyre not only pretty great at what they do but they are wonderfully unapologetic about their image)

so. beyonce is a feminist. you know who cares? feminists, some of her fans.. and ALL those who are OBVIOUSLY not. first of all. beyonce is NOT the spokesperson for feminists… nor has she said she is one. she aint perfect (as much as it hurts me to say). even i cant excuse the whole ‘anna mae’ business.

which begs the question… what is a feminist?

yes we know the dictionary definition: feminist- a male/female who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. i really cant bold that enough.

but do we really understand that?

i think it’s important to define what feminism is to me. feminism is a positive social change towards a world that is less prejudiced against women; feminism is about empowerment. misogyny, though not always a conscious hate is really quite engrained in our way of thinking. i will advocate for women where i can and as im me, this generally means that i will educate those who dont understand what feminism is and call out those shitting on it (tho im not going to argue with lost causes).

a few weeks ago, i was chillin with one of my mates and he saw a girl wearing whatever she was wearing and he says, ‘now she’s just asking to be raped’…

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