you are

ive always been jealous of artists
i want to know what it feels like to see the world
and then recreate it on paper and earth
i want to paint a portrait of what you look like on a wednesday afternoon
but the only colours i know of are
red, blue, yellow and brown
and that if you mix blue and yellow you get green
but even then it doesnt capture the ocean that is your eyes
i want to write you in words
but my vocabulary is only limited to words like
beauty, lust and butterflies
i want to recreate your very essence
in words and pictures and music and film
there’s not enough of you
and altogether too much of you
you are maths equations and theories of evolution
im not quite sure you exist
and if you do im not sure i understand why
but youre possible
and enigmatic
and sometimes when i think of you
those strong hands
and that wonderful laugh
i know a joy like no other


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