i know i was sad before but now i just miss you
the more i think of your face
the more i forget what you look like
how do you still do this to me?
yeah i hurt you but you hurt me too
i wish i could take back what i did
but i fucking cant
i just cant deal without you in my life
there’s just no point

you know
i listen to loud music just to drown out the sound of your voice
and your lips on my skin
i need the television on to fall asleep
because im afraid i will think myself into the morning wondering about you and me

writing always gave me closure
but the more i write of you
the more i ache for you
the more i want to keep writing about you
and keep writing for you
i guess it was always for you

god did i really love you so much?
i remember once
you told me
‘you dont know how to treat people who love you’
and i guess you were right all along

im sorry
im so fucking sorry


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