forgetting you

This hurts
I would rather be dragged by my hair naked across a carpark of rocks than feel this again
I want to purge you from my body
Wash my hands, these tired fingers, scrub my skin raw of you
I haven’t seen you in fifteen days
And it is true what they say
That absence makes the heart grow fonder
Im so tired
So sad and tired
I want to take back all my smiles
All my time that I had with you
I want my tears and my warm arms
I want my laughs back and my blankets
I want my stories and my songs back
I want your name scratched off all my belongings
I don’t even remember why I loved the things I loved before I loved you
I cant even be alone with my thoughts without thinking of you anymore
I see you in every corner
Smell you in my clothes
Is there an exorcism for this kind of thing?
And after all these years I finally know the answer
if it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all
And I don’t care what people say
But id rather never love at all


2 thoughts on “forgetting you

  1. Hello. I am in a very similar place right now and this post has helped me IMMENSELY today, so thank you. Everything passes, this pain will pass. It. Will. Pass. x

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