day 23

i was lonely and alone when i found you
or did you find me?
was my loneliness written on my face?
could you taste the desperation on my skin?
smell my yearning from miles away?
i am not lonely anymore
but i do find myself alone sometimes and im sorry
sometimes lonely people forget how to love
forget how to hold
forget how to smile
forget to say things like *i care about you*
forget to say *im sorry*
forget to ask you how your day has been
ive been living for myself a long time
and im afraid and scared that you will leave and i will be lonely again
lonely and alone again
and what am i supposed to do with all these feelings i could only ever have for you?
i wear you like my favourite tshirt
my skin is scented with your touch
my lips taste like you
my hands always seeking yours
last night you asked me if you were enough for me
and it broke my heart
my beautiful lonely man
i know I am afraid
but don’t you see how eager i am to mould for you?


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