Letters To God 4

Most days I find ways to numb my sadness.
I plunge face first into menial tasks hoping I find whatever it is that I’m looking for.
I don’t know what I’m looking for, all I know is that I’m always searching.
Always waiting.
I can’t find peace and maybe peace is the place between where You are and the place where I am.
Will you compromise, dearest God?
I’m not strong enough to make it all the way, so will you meet me halfway?
Cause I see you, I just don’t feel you.
And day by day I try my hardest to talk to You. But it’s hard.
And day by day I find myself further and further away from You.
And somehow every step away from You seems to make life less complicated.
And I hate it because I know You.
And You know my inside and my outside.
And I don’t want Us to end this way.
And I find myself listening to gospel music on Sundays
But it’s not enough to rekindle this fire in my soul.


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