an artsy kind of love

When I first laid eyes on you
I wrote a song
About the way your eyes light up
When you smile
How your eyes seem to crinkle
and your lips twitch
when you laugh
And how your laughter reverberated through my body
And I felt a warm feeling in my chest

When you first spoke to me
You said “Hey”
And I said
“I’m good”
I painted a portrait of the sun behind you
The way the colours red and yellow, orange
The way they blended into you
I painted the sea gulls that were being fed to your right
And the guy with the dreads playing his guitar
He was singing about love
Or trees maybe
I can’t remember

When you hugged me
I wrote a novel
About a girl and a boy
Who came from different tribes
And the tribes were at war
And of course they fell in love
When he saved her brother from his uncle’s sword
He lay unconscious in her arms
And there was a twist of some sort
But I haven’t finished it yet
So we just gotta wait and see

But the point of this poem is
I love you
I think
You inspire me
You move me
I want to just be with you
Like hang out, man
Chill with you
But also have amazing sex with you too
Okay, maybe I am moving a little too quickly
I like you
A lot a lot
So this one’s for you


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