note to self after a rough day in the real world

It’s gonna be okay. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next week… but it will get better, you just gotta wait out the storm a little. Maybe clean a little here. Nail some boards up over there.

You had a bad day today. Cry if you have to. Let it out. Then keep going. You feel how you feel and how you feel is okay. But just know that over-feeling with feels can be bad for your health. Just like chocolate, sadly.

You are the best at being you. And you are brilliant. Even the dishes sparkle for you.

Don’t take criticism too harshly, dear. Even steelo can damage steel pots. Be gentle with yourself. You are worth it. Maybelline.

Admit you were wrong and take it as a lesson learned. White lies are like diet pepsi’s and coke zeros. Everyone pretends that it’s a ‘healthier’ choice. Be water man, be the water.

Listen!! With your ears… and also your eyes. Hips don’t lie.

Let go of the baggage. Life is an adventure.

If you are not sure, ask. Don’t assume. When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME man.




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