Oil and Water

I like to think of your face while I wait for dawn.
When I wore your t-shirts, why did I feel invincible?
When you smiled, I would touch the lines
around your lips and your eyes with invisible fingers
and kiss them with invisible kisses.
You were so beautiful and perfect in those dark times,
you made even the saddest woman learn how to smile again.
We came from different places,
different times and different emotions.
And even now I can’t stop wondering how much
what we had felt like what ‘right’ should feel like.
When I laid my head on your chest
and heard the drumming and the humming of your body,
I couldn’t help but notice
how in tune we were with one another.
I couldn’t help but wonder how much
I wished that what we had could last forever.
I could soak in your wonderfulness.
And when I heard your laughter,
I knew why happiness was created.
Even after all I put you through
I prayed that you would find love again
And I’m sorry that we became like oil and water
And I realise now that if it wasn’t for you
maybe I would never have believed in love.
And I know now, that even after you,
I can still believe in love.


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