my mind is a devil in disguise

It was me against the world…

wasn’t it??????!!!
All the broken promises
All the late nights wishing you were all the things you weren’t
The silent tears
Clutching your stomach in the corner of your dark room
The days you couldn’t even look at yourself in the mirror
..because you were afraid you wouldn’t recognise the girl staring back
All the excuses you made for the people who hurt you.

But what about you?
All those excuses you made for yourself
Who did you think you were fooling?
All this time you were looking for the devil
When the devil was every single lie
Every single hurt you held
Every single empty promise
When you couldn’t let go of the pain
When you wouldn’t let go of the pain
And so you burned
And what for?

You burned for nothing.
You held the answer. You had the truth.
It’s true what they say of ignorance
And the mind is a fickle thing.
Slick and fiery it is.
Filled with dreams and lies
And like a man cornered
You surrendered…

But to what?
And at what cost?


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