A Love Letter

This is crazy. Do you remember those times when we were younger and we both swore that we would never fall in love? That we were going to just be badasses and travel the world and just spread the word of badassery-ness everywhere we went because that’s what we do? And that we promised that whoever fell in love first would have to buy the other a car? Well, it’s been about two weeks since I ordered you a car through Amazon and I think you might be getting it in the mail soon. Also I think I’m in love. (It’s a toy car please don’t get your hopes up).

I am in love. And I’m in love with you. Do you remember that day we actually argued about what love was? You said that there was no such thing as love. I asked you what you thought love was anyway and you said, “Fucking without a condom.” And I called you an idiot.
I wish I could tell you how wrong you were. And how much I think about you and how you make me feel so good inside and that after being with you even five minutes makes my day 110% better but you hate when I’m cheezy. I wish I could tell you that the only reason I sit through the endless hours of watching Doctor Who with you is not because I like it but because I like you (And also Matt Smith). But then you might get mad. And I wish I could tell you I hate going to your football matches because I’m a rugby union girl but you would probably be annoyed. And that one time you baked me brownies for my birthday because you knew they were my favourite cookies even though you got the date wrong. That night you told me I was the only one that “gets” you and the way you looked at me… I’m sorry I ran away, I didn’t actually have diarrhoea I was just nervous. I get butterflies just being near you and sometimes when you hug me longer than usual I think I’m about to black out.

And if some of that isn’t love then I really don’t know what is. But I can tell you that I care deeply for you. And when you’re gone I feel like a twin without a twin. Like a half without, you know, the other half. Like Matt Smith when Karen Gillan left (probably). And I don’t like travelling alone. And I shouldn’t be travelling alone. Because I want to be travelling with you.

P.S The shipping and handling for that damn toy car was a bitch so you better take good care of it.


6 thoughts on “A Love Letter

  1. honestly I’ve dealt with this as well and unless you open up and say something nothing will change, and trust me i know it is easy for me to say it then to do it because well… there are multiple outcomes to the scenario, the only thing is if you wait and wait and wait.. there will only be one and its wont be the one you thought it was. life has this horrible action of showing us movies and making us read novels that the protagonist always find love and things turn out in the end well the harsh truth is that sometimes these things don’t happen and sometimes its for the best. the guy that i felt about like this ended up giving me the answer i didn’t want and well for a while it stung like a b**ch but it got better and our relationship grew. i don’t know where your relationship is at with him or even how old the two of you are but my best advice is to ‘grow some’ 😉 and make the leap see if he catches you.

    if you ever need anyone I’m here
    *your blog pal Rachel

  2. Dancing Potato I am all over your blog today, I love it, love it all. Know and enjoy that you are helping me a ridiculous amount through my heartbreak x

    • wow! thank you so much for your comments, Im glad i could help. i hope you will find happiness once again and know that even though it is painful as hell right now, you will get through it cause come on, we always end up getting through it right? 🙂 take care love

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