Staring in Wonder at the Sky

All I see is a dark blanket
Sprinkled with tiny holes of bright lights
And I wonder how tiny we must seem to you
You see chaos
And a world falling apart
Crumbling between your fingers
Do you cry? I wonder
Do you shake your head at us?
As a tear rolls down your magnificent face
Do you wonder why?
Why do my people hurt themselves?
Why do my people cry themselves to sleep?
Why are my people hurting?
Do you hear our cries for help anymore?
It’s hard to see You through my own tears
Even harder to hear You through my screams
And sometimes when I look into the sky
All I see is darkness
And all I feel is pain
All I feel is the quiet of my loneliness
And that’s the problem with darkness
It’s blinding
And although at night
when I look at the vastness of the dark
And I feel alone
I have the moon
I have the sun
But most days I choose to forget


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