Lazy Sunday Afternoon

You are the Derek to my Ariel I say
He smiles and shakes his head.
Why not?
Because Ariel doesn’t know what love is.
You are the Beauty to my Beast then
He laughs and shakes his head
Why not? I smile
You are not a beast and I am no beauty.
But you are my beauty, I grinned.
And he kisses my forehead
We are Bonnie and Clyde then, I muffle through a yawn.
But our love compliments each others and doesn’t destroy.
Beyonce and Jay-Z? I offer.
He sighs into my hair.
It’s a fickle affair.
Who then? I give up.
He says nothing and for a moment I think he has fallen asleep.
I don’t know, he says finally
I am me and you are you
You and I, we make our own story


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