You inspire me to write shit poetry about how my life is so complicated now that I am falling for you

There will always be someone better than me
Someone more beautiful
More intelligent
And it must be serious if you have me questioning myself
Am I good enough for you?
Why would someone like you ever want someone like me?
question my motives for wanting you
Because what I actually wonder is 
Why would I even want to be with someone like you?
You with all your mistakes
You strut around like the king of his own world
Flirting with every girl you see
Cussing and swearing all the time
Saying the most chauvinistic crap at times
So why do I even like you?
I really want to NOT like you
But every time I am near you 
I just want to talk to you
Smile at you
Ask you how you are
How your day has been
What do you like doing…
And can I do it with you?
I want to study you
The creases and lines and contours of you
What makes you… you
Am I just a fool in lust for you?
I’m falling
And I don’t know where
But I know I want to land somewhere
Close to your heart.

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