I want to be your Jane and you be my Tarzan… but you really don’t like swinging from trees…

Words that came to me one night when I thought of you

All my life I never believed in love
I never believed in the power of Love
It was always an enigma
I would watch as relationships ended
As new ones began
It was only ever a question
Not an answer
To life
To me
Until one day
I met you
And it all seemed to turn upside down
Inside out
And it didn’t happen slowly either
It hit me like
when you hit your head on the ceiling
(Because come on, how do you not see the ceiling?
The answer is, you do see the ceiling.
But you still get hit in the head.
It’s all about perception)
And you stand dumbfounded
Not even knowing what the hell happened
And it feels as if you’re floating
Even soaring
And you’re drenched in the thing
Soaked to the bone
And life seems so different
You seem different
You wake up the same
Except you hear birds singing
You walk the same
But your soul is dancing
You talk the same
But the words seem to sing
And your lover
He calls out 2 you
Your bodies and souls
They call for each other
And it feels like a part of you
That was lost
Has been found
And you wonder how you ever lived
without him
The love you never knew you needed


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