Deep in the Archives

I was cleaning folders in my laptop *cough* procrastinating *cough* when I found this file I wrote… Here it is, copied and pasted just for you hahaha… I think it is still relevant today and FYI, I’m not a Belieber but I can dig some of his music 😀

How To Be An Online Hater manual

***Using Justin Bieber as an example***


  1. Go online.
  2. Google/Youtube search Justin Bieber interviews, music, personal life, family, girlfriends.
  3. Watch/read and take mental notes about Justin Bieber.
  4. Comment about how much you hate Justin Bieber using overly descriptive yet not very creative language.
  5. Search Justin Bieber information and find and torment Beliebers on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and if you still remember what MySpace is then that one too.
  6. Go back and watch his music videos and interviews and comment. Make sure to be original and comment about how much he makes you sick and make fun of his feminine looks.
  7. Forget you also have a life and focus all your energy on hating.
  8. Take a break from your life and hate on another very successful peron.
  9. Go back to hating on Justin Bieber.


Once you have done all this, congratulations!! You are now a huge hater of Justin Bieber!! Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel and follow him on twitter so that you can be the first to know what he is doing. CHEERS!


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