I hate this feeling
want you to validate me
want to be the only one who makes you smile
I’m like a beast in a cage too small when I see you with other girls
I don’t even know if I really like you.
Like… seriously?
Is this some kind of sick joke?
Just the idea of being with you
makes my heart flutter,
my face grow warm and flush,
Makes my hands sweaty and clammy…
When you walk into the room
My eyes dart and try to avoid yours
In case it becomes too obvious
That all I want to do is touch you
and talk to you
Give you a piece of my mind
and learn about yours,
your quirks, your fears and dreams
I keep reminding myself that I don’t feel anything.
It’s just the climate,
the stress I’m under,
the dishes not being done…
anything to stop me from falling for you…


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